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Monday, May 20, 2019

As an innovating company, CSA continues its growth every year with the arrival of new milling means and new human resources, deployed only for its customers’ satisfaction. Based in Aquitaine, south-west of France, CSA was created in 1999 and implied strongly with The AEROSPACE VALLEY competitivity pole since its beginning. 


With Quality label EN9100 acknowledged since 2004, CSA has been working in a close partnership with greatest aeronautical companies, aiming always the lowest cost but the best level of satisfaction for our customers. Our first know-how is the milling of aeronautical structural spare parts in ALL DIMENSIONS, from the latest Falcon instrument panel to the new A380 frames... In fact we claim an exceptional diversity of milling means from 3 to 5 axes.


We also bring you our study capability with a whole office equipped with CFAO Catia V5 software. From tooling design to manufacturing solutions, our skill already acted particularly in moulds for composite industry.

As a last investment, we gave us one of the most efficient measurements mean, truly used for very large parts (over 30 meters long), acquired from Leica Company. This Laser Tracker stands to validate indeed every step of a milling process. CSA insists on its global service offer. Whatever the issue, we bring our flexibility, our reactivity and all our various skills in the followings:


Designing, tooling and milling programming - metal moulds for composites parts

Milling every parts form aluminium to titanium, on ever centres ior gantries from small to very large dimensions

Laser sens controlling (wherever needed)


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